2017 Crystalyte UFO Motors

In 2017, Crystalyte publicized New H+ Plug Series motors with a nickname of " UFO Motor ".

The designer got the idea from the Unidentified Flying Object , the UFO's shape and set this as a great one to start with.


 UFO Motors Models :

The H+ UFO motors with 3 standard stators high :  35mm  + 40mm + 55mm

So here are 3 series models :

35mm Stator & Magnets 40mm Stator & Magnets 55mm Stator & Magnets
Models Part No. Models Part No. Models Part No.
UFO-3540 Front Pn. UFO3540F UFO-4080 Rear Pn. UFO4080R UFO-5580 Rear Pn. UFO5580R
UFO-3540 Rear Pn. UFO3549R UFO-40100 Rear Pn. UFO40100R UFO-55100 Rear Pn. UFO55100R
UFO-3525 Front Pn. UFO3525F * Rear Motor only * Rear Motor only
UFO-3525 Rear Pn. UFO3525R        


 Information of UFO Motors

UFO - 35 Series Rear Motors 26" Rim UFO - 35 Rear Motor UFO - 35 Rear Motor Dimension


Front and Rear UFO 35xx Series dimension  below :

UFO - 35 Series Front Motors UFO - 35 Front Motor Dimension


UFO-3540 Motor Data Sheet :


UFO-3525 Motor Data Sheet :


UFO-40 Series  Front & Rear Wheel Motor

40mm stator and 40mm magnet materials

Speed :

UFO-4080 =>80km/hr 72V system

UFO-40100  =>100km/hr 72V system

Motor axle dropout 140mm / M14 axle

UFO-55 Series  Rear Wheel Motor

55mm stator and 55mm magnets materials


Speed :

UFO-5580 =>80km/hr 72V system

UFO-55100  =>100km/hr 72V system

3 type of motor axle dropout : 140mm dropout / 162mm dropout / 190mm dropout ; M14 Axle

UFO motors information : Aside from the special housing design, here are some of the following part which have been upgrade.

  1. UFO motors with aluminum stator

  2. 0.35mm lamination sheet / grade 290 ~ 300

  3. Stator with a diameter 28mm hole, in order to pass through bigger axle and bigger motor cable.