Crystalyte H40-Series

Model H4065 & H4080

The H40-Series base on the H35 series but the stator and magnet + 5mm width.  In order to increase the motor power and torque.

Usually it is hoop up with 48V or 72V battery system.  The controller with min. 48V 50A or 72V 50A

Standard model : H4065 and 4080


General Information :

Motor Model H4065 H4080
72V Speed /48V ~ / 72V / 48V ~ / 72V
Torque Nm 60.26Nm at 48V 25A 66.80Nm  at 48V 25A
Weight 9.0 kg 9.0 kg
Wheel Laced Size 20" ~ 28" 20" ~ 28"
Voltage range 36V ~ 72V 36V ~ 72V
Freewheel 1 speed 1 speed
Front Axle Dropout (mm ) 135mm 135mm
Rear Axle Dropout (mm ) 135mm 135mm
Part No. H4065 H4080


* Nm = Newton meter

* Motor speed record base on 72V system with 26" wheel,  While motor hookup with 48V the speed will decrease.

- Motor test base on 40A controller.  While controller's current increase the torque will increase. Max. current 60A

- Motor Color :  Black


Motors Specs :                                                             Dimensional Diagrams for H40-Series 

H4065 H4080   H4065 /  H4080



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Remark on H40 series motor :

-  Permanent magnet direct driver / gear less hub motor

-  High grade  NdFeB Magnets

-  Sheet type lamination with deep slot

-  High quality hall effect sensors

-  NSK sealed bearing ( Optional )

-  Cover with stainless Torx screw

- Plug in hall effect hall effect and motor phase connector

- Dia. 2.5mm2 motor phase wire

- Spokes with G12 available

- Motor wire length : 30cm

- Anderson Power Pole connector for motor phase and small XRL connector for hall effect sensor

*  Motor specs may change without notice. Please contact us for confirmation.