Crystalyte High Power Motors

TC and The Crown Series

The Crown motors with 3 series :

TC30 Series  : TC3065 ; TC80 and TC30100


Specifications TC3080 Motor :

Specifications TC30100 Motor :

 TC4065 ; TC4080 and TC40100   



The Crown Motor & The TC40 Series Dimension and 2D Drawing

The Crown Motor 2D The TC40 Series 2D The TC30 Series 2D


48V Specifications TC4065 Motor :

72V Specifications TC4065 Motor :

48V Specifications TC4080 Motor :

72V Specifications TC4080 Motor :


3. The Crown Series :

The Crown Motors :  TC65 ; TC80


**  The TC65 ; TC80 and TC100 specs are all same as above, as well as  TC4065 and TC4080. 

Because they have the same stator + same magnets + same magnet wire and same windings inside the motors.




TC30xx / TC40xx and The Crown motors speed

* TC65 = 65km / 72V     TC4065 = 65km/hr / 72V             TC3065 = 65km/hr

* TC80 = 80km / 72V                 TC4080 = 80km/hr                       TC3080 = 80km/hr

* TC100 = 100km / 72V             TC40100 = 100km/hr                  TC30100 = 100km/hr

# Motors TC30100  TC40100 and TC100 are available for custom-made for high speed.


* Speed based on 26" wheel / The speed record may be different based on the loading and road condition.  

* The TC30xx series has lower torque than the TC65/TC80/TC100 and TC40xx series . Because the higher the stator is, the less with only 10mm by 30mm.


TC and The Crown Motors' main specifications

TC65  TC80 and TC100  Motor Dimension  

Spokes angle and length   

Crystalyte provide stainless spokes


The TC and The Crown  stators and the lamination sheets :



Freewheel and Disc Brake :

One speed freewheel

TC series is available with standard 6" to 8" disc brake mount.


Rim for TC

Strong and Double Wall rim request for TC to make sure it is strong enough.

* Crystalyte provide double wall rim J31BS rim with different size.


Remark :

* Motor available up to 96V system.

* 48V system available for TC motor as well.  The speed design base on 72V.

* Battery capacity suggest with 12ah or more. i.e. 72V 12ah or 72V 17ah ...etc.

* Suggest run TC motor with 50A ~ 85A controller or higher voltage system. i.e. 48V 50A , 72V 50A